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Engineer by training, creative by design. All-purpose DIY.

My name is Marissa, and I consider myself to be “decently” talented  at many different things. The downside of this is I start many projects, then get distracted halfway through on wanting to try new ones…. hopefully this blog keeps me grounded and focused to actually complete projects full circle and share them

Short Bio:
I’m a devoted wife, Jesus follower, and mother of 6 chickens, located in Bellevue, WA.
As a kid, I always enjoyed tinkering and creating with my childhood friends as well as learning essential skills from my can-fix-anything father and excellent-chef mother. I can recall stories of building Ikea furniture with my mom, taking off my bicycle training wheels with my dad, and building Legos and filming videos with my brother and neighborhood friends.
I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Bioengineering. In this degree, I learned to apply all of the engineering fields (computer science, mechanical, electrical, materials, etc.) to the field of medicine. My classmates and I strongly identify with knowing a little about a lot of different things – which translates to my home life quite well!
I now work as a product expert working with repair technicians and customer service at a large biotech company. All on-the-job skills I learned quickly and thoroughly because of my childhood.

As a result of my can-do-anything attitude, you’ll find my site has quite varied content.  This is because I’m usually at least OK at most things I set out to do (which includes write, so I apologize in advance you won’t find the next Pulitzer Prize content here).

My site (will) include content of me copying other DIY posts, as well as original content.
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Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, or things you’d like to see!