barbecued bacon-wrapped shrimp with chili-lime-rum glaze

You had me at bacon.

I first made this for my husband while we were dating, and he might try to convince you it’s the reason he married me (during my Bridal Shower Q&A game, this was his given answer for “favorite food”). Though it’s hard to go wrong with bacon, we’re both shrimp lovers as well. A happy version of surf and turf, the chewy bacon plus al dente shrimp texture makes such a good mouth feel combo. Though there’s multiple ways these could be cooked (baked, broiled, grilled)… I hope I can convince you that if you don’t own a barbecue, you SHOULD. Besides the charredness and grill marks that are only achievable through direct flame heat, there is little to no cleanup! Though opinions may differ, I’m also grateful not to have my house smelling like I liberally sprayed around a bacon scented air freshener for the next two days….

Anyways, when I was coming up with this recipe, I had my meat base of shrimp and bacon – but was looking for a glaze/sauce. In one of my cookbooks, I found a bourbon glaze with butter and brown sugar. Bourbon is not a liquor I stock in my cabinet, but I did have rum. I then made up the rest as I went along and this was the result. The only inspiration left over from that recipe is the Chili Powder. And so, “barbecued bacon-wrapped shrimp with chili-lime-rum glaze” was born.  I’m not good at naming things, apologies in advance for my future children.



We usually have this as the main part of our meal, but it serves as a great appetizer as well! Adjust the ingredients to your taste preferences, though the chili powder acts somewhat as a thickening agent.

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