Craft Fair and Small Business Saturday

On Saturday, I participated in my FIRST EVER craft fair! I had 4 sales on Etsy previously, so this was extremely exciting to reach a new audience and do direct sales. Here’s me at my booth at the start:


I am so honored and blessed at the friends and family that came to show their support, and I walked away with a successful experience! I learned a lot, and am really encouraged to do this again. Perhaps some summer Farmer’s Markets are in the future!







My first order was for the customized casserole dishes. I easily sold more custom-made items than pre-made. Though I should have predicted this, I wish I didn’t spend quite so much time building inventory! (Ok, ok, I know it made my booth more attractive and eye-catching).

So, with all my inventory and the joy I’m having making custom gifts for folks, I encourage you to visit my Facebook page Made With Abandon for local sales and customized requests, and my Etsy Page MadeWithAbandon for orders requiring shipment.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,


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