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I’m a sucker for the “Dollar Spot” at Target.

Though it’s true, it’s mostly junk, I’ve found a few hidden gems once I suppress my urge to impulse buy all the things (their selection just keeps getting better all the time).

I found some glittery letter stickers and knew I could do something easy and fun with them!

untitled shoot-001

First, choose a frame. I know you’re eager to choose your quote, but you need to figure out what kind of real estate you have to work with.

Next, choose your background. I have scrapbook paper on hand (does anyone else buy it in bulk from Michael’s??) and chose a pattern that would not be distracting or too busy with the glitter.

untitled shoot-002

I didn’t take photos of this next step, but next is to trace the edge of your frame or mat onto the scrapbook paper to define your working area.

Next, the fun but difficult part. I only purchased one pack of glitter letters (mistake) so I had limited characters to work with.  Making this a bit of a brain-teaser, I had to find a short quote (to fit in the frame) where I would not run out of the rare letters. The two I came up with that could be made with one pack of these particular letters are “Seek first the kingdom of God” and “Bless this house”. You could do your favorite lyrics, inspirational quote, names (an acrostic of a child’s name, “Mother”, “Friend”, “Sister”, etc. could be fun too!) or anything your creative self finds.

Cut out the letters you need to help space the wording evenly on the page.

If you have a regular graph paper like pattern, you can use that as a guide, otherwise LIGHTLY trace guides for the rows of letters. The spacing between rows should be half the height of the letter (so, if your letters are 1 inch tall, the lines should be drawn 1.5 inches apart).

Once you are satisfied with the spacing (and remember to space it from the frame/mat outline) start sticking down the letters:

untitled shoot-003    untitled shoot-004   

Being from the Dollar Spot, my letters were not very sticky – which is actually a good thing when you make a mistake and need to reposition…

 untitled shoot-005    untitled shoot-007

Pretty simple! Don’t forget to erase your guidelines if you made any. Also, if your letters were glittery, shake or blow away the extra glitter before mounting it into your frame.

Hang, and admire!

untitled shoot-009    untitled shoot-011

This would add great variety to a gallery wall, theme to a guest room, personality to a child’s room, inspiration to a work space, mood to your entryway…. or even a nice gift.

Let me know if you try this what quotes you come up with!


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