Wedding Season!

Wedding Season is fast approaching – and I am excited for custom-made gifts and decor for the happy bride and grooms in your life!

I absolutely cherish a custom cutting board that one of our guests made us, and it’s one of the few times when straying from the registry is OK 🙂

Pictured above are some ring dish sets that I’ve made. They’re so cute and the perfect size!

I am also excited to do some signs! I cannot post one’s I’ve made for my friends yet (it may ruin the surprise!) But it will be stained wood with white lettering in this style:

Painted Wooden Sign – $18

Last, but not least, photos of the kitchen items I can make (the baking dish is SO hard to take a photo of – I need to do some research)

Beyond this, I can make Cake Toppers, Personalized dress hangers, wedding ceremony/reception signage, etched wine glasses or champagne flutes, etc.

Additionally, I have a machine now that will let me make textiles! Need special bridal party shirts? I can do that! We’re going to Disney honeymoon shirts? I can do that!

Weddings are so much fun, and now that I’ve started my business my friends only get personalized or handmade gifts for special occasions. So much fun!


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